About Darlene

Well, I am a highly-opinionated, difficult to get along with, woman who lives in Seattle, Washington, with Bill, my devoted house spouse, and Daisy Mae, a spoiled Dachshund.

My early years were spent in Walla Walla, a small town in Southeastern Washington. The hometown of Joanne Moore, depicted in the first chapters of my novel, “A Little Bit of Larceny,” is an apt description of that idyllic town. Upon my high school graduation, when the gift from my mother  was a piece of luggage, I got the message that it was time for me to leave the nest and get out on my own. I immediately packed up and moved to Seattle. With the exception of six years spent in Lafayette, Louisiana, Seattle has been my home ever since.

I am an avid reader. I love words, interesting phrasing, and unpredictable endings. I started writing novels after I retired from a long career in the legal field. My love of prose came not only from the thousands of excellent books I have read over the years, but also from the high standards set by numerous talented attorneys with whom I worked. Their precise use of the English language gained my respect and nurtured my passion for good writing. I hope I have succeeded in learning the lessons taught by their example.

My reading is eclectic and varied. Favorite authors are Elizabeth George, Martha Grimes, John Grisham, David Baldacci — to name just a few, and not necessarily in that order.

Although the commercial publishing community has little respect for self-published novels, I have chosen that venue for several reasons: First, because of the demand by most agents and publishers for guaranteed “break-through” novels; secondly, contracts that demand a book-a-year from an author. And, last but not least, the time frame involved in submitting a manuscript, acceptance, and actual publication can be years–years that for me are dwindling. I want to see my words read and enjoyed before I die, so…

Presently, I have self-published three novels; a fourth novel, a sequel to “Web of Deceit,” is scheduled to be released in or around November 2011.